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DECHLORINATE your WATER (* Starter Formulas below.)

with our DECHLOR PRODUCTS Tablets, Granular, and Neutral.


Water Dechlorination using our Vitamin C aka Ascorbic Acid dechlor products                      


            No lead time:

STOCKED NOW IN LOS ANGELES and other locations.


iStockphoto,tablets,antacid,water,bubbles,froth,ripples,medicines,healthcare▪ Loyalty Chemicals LLC distributes the only Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

with NSF certification for dechlorinating water.

(Granular and Neutral Granular grades are NSF.)


▪ 100% soluble


▪ 100% organic


▪ Safe, rapid and complete method of dechlorination.


▪ Completely neutralize both chlorine and chloramines.



CONTACT US with Technical Questions or Order Requests:

Loyalty Chemicals LLC

phone 949-654-9510 or Christine Whitaker for immediate sales/technical assistance:

Potential dechlorination projects:

 *       ▪ Hydrant Flushing

         ▪ New Main Installations, Maintenance and Repairs

                  ▪ Reservoir, Water Tank or Well Cleaning

                  ▪ Wastewater Effluent Release

                  ▪ Reservoir Overflow

                  ▪ Municipal Parks swimming pool drainage

                  ▪ Fire Flow Testing

                  ▪ Filter Backwash

                  ▪ Dewatering

                  ▪ Highly Chlorinated Water Release to Wastewater Treatment Plant

                  ▪ Permit Compliance

                  ▪ Emergency situations which would require Dechlorination


* Starter Formulas:



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